The Department of Public Works (DPW) is responsible for the maintenance and repair of a total of 45 miles of streets in the City of Marshall. Of the 45 miles of streets, 13 miles are Major streets, 26 miles are Minor streets and 6 miles are State Trunk lines (Highways). The maintenance and repair includes resurfacing, patching, surface crack repair, pothole repair, pavement marking, sweeping and snow and ice response and removal during the winter season.

Along the street right-of-way, the DPW is also responsible for the maintenance and repair of existing curb and gutters, guardrails, bridges and all traffic control and directional signage throughout the City of Marshall.

Street Sweeping

The City uses its Broom Bear mechanical sweeper to remove accumulated debris from the City streets and curbs. The sweeper is operated as often as possible throughout the year from spring to fall.

Spring Brush Pick-up

The City provides a spring only curbside brush pickup each year. When utilizing this program please remember the following guidelines:

  • Tree limbs and brush must be less than four inches in diameter and approximately six feet long. Stack the pile so the larger ends are all facing the same way. Do not use plastic bags.
  • Keep brush and limbs completely clear of City streets, sidewalks, mailboxes, street lights, sign poles, landscaping and fences, overhead tree branches, and power lines. If piles don't fit between the curb and sidewalk, place them on the lawn behind the sidewalk.
  • No leaves, grass clippings, stumps, roots, limbs exceeding the size limits, building lumber, landscape timbers, or bags of garbage will be picked up. If any of these items are mixed in the brush stacks, the entire stack will not be removed.

This program is for brush only and does not include stumps or logs. Residents who would like to dispose of these items may utilize the Community Compost Center.

Pot Hole Repair

The DPW routinely repairs potholes as they develop on the City streets and parking lots throughout the year. Residents are encouraged to contact the DPW at 269-781-3985 to report potholes as they are discovered. Please be prepared to identify the street location and a cross street for reference.


There are approximately 34 miles of sidewalk of various ages throughout the City of Marshall. Because sidewalks require constant repair or replacement, the City has developed a sidewalk program administered by the Public Works Department to address this issue. Maintenance tasks can vary from grinding off a trip hazard lip to a total replacement of a sidewalk section. Residents are encouraged to contact the DPW at 269-781-3985 to report problem sections of sidewalks anywhere in the City of Marshall.

Fall Leaf Pick-up

The City of Marshall provides a curbside leaf removal program for its residents every fall. The program includes two passes around the City of Marshall to accommodate all its residents and to take into account undeterminable leaf fall.

City uses a mechanical leaf loader to pickup the leaves off of the streets. While the machine allows the rapid removal of the leaves it is vulnerable to breakdowns when items such as limbs, rocks and other hard objects and debris are left in the leaf piles. In order to lessen this occurrence, the City requests that its residents comply with the following guidelines:

  • Residents are reminded to rake their leaves to the edge of the street, but not directly into the street.
  • Please do not place other debris (twigs, plant material, trash, etc.) within the leaf piles for collection.
  • Residents may place their leaves in paper yard waste bags at the curb. The City will not be offering yard waste bags to purchase this year.

Winter Snow Removal

The DPW is responsible for keeping the streets free of snow and ice and open to traffic. When intersections become slippery the Police notify the DPW and trucks are dispatched to begin salting the roadways. During major snow events the entire Public Works crew is called into action. In order to have all the major streets in the City cleared of snow from the previous evening, the crews must report to work by 2 in the morning.

Snow removal is a priority based system that addresses State highways and major streets first, and then progresses to the local streets. Streets which are dead-end or cul-de-sacs are typically completed last. The priority system is based upon the amount of traffic serviced by the street and the need to keep vital facilities such as hospitals and schools open to the public.

In addition to the street system in the City of Marshall, the DPW is responsible for clearing the City parking lots, ramps, alleys, the airport runways and portions of the sidewalk in the downtown business district.

Parking Areas

The Public Works Department is also tasked with keeping the public parking lots and the ramp maintained and open to the general public. Typical maintenance for these areas include: surface repair, parking stall markings, mowing and trimming, landscape care, litter collection and signage upkeep.

Signs & Markings

Public works is the Department tasked with the responsibility for maintaining all traffic control and directional signs in the City. At the Public Works Garage the City maintains an extensive inventory of traffic signs, street name and posts to better respond to signage repair requests because of age or vandalism. The City is currently working on an inventory system to better manage the hundreds of different signs found throughout town.

In addition to the signs the Department is also responsible for the pavement markings on the streets, at intersections, the public parking lots and pedestrian crosswalks. These markings are repainted on an annual basis to maintain their function and visibility.

Special Events

Because of its workforce size and the properties that it maintains the DPW is often tasked with assisting with the various special events held around the City. Some of the typical requests include: Barricade placement, temporary parking sign locating, banner placement, Christmas decoration setup and takedown, bandstand setup, trash and litter removal service and often general labor and equipment assistance to various groups and other City Departments.