Customer Portal

What is the Customer portal?

In 2021 the City of Marshall Water Department completed meter replacement of all meters in the City's water distribution system. The new meters were installed using a Advanced Meter Infrastructure.  This is a system allows for meters to be read remotely via radio transmissions. Additionally, the Customer Portal, powered by Sensus, allows for customer access to real time information on their water usages via the web. Highlights of the portal include:

  • Monitor usage for each meter
  • Set alerts for usage amounts
  • Set alerts for usage during vacation or extended time away from home

sign up for the customer portal

1. Go to the Sensus Customer Portal .Sensus Portal Image_3

2. Click Accept

3. Enter Email Address

4. Go to Confirmation Email sent to above Address

5. Enter Your Account Number and Create Password

6. Set Alerts, Meters, and See Usage Information


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