Citizen Complaint / Commendation

The Marshall Police Department is committed to high ethical standards. We are an integral part of the community, and the Department exists to serve the needs of citizens. The people entrust us with considerable authority, and we must be responsive to their concerns. With this in mind, the Marshall Police Department must be able to process any complaints or concerns reference the conduct of our employees. The Department has established a comprehensive citizen complaint process, to ensure a thorough and legitimate investigation of any complaints of misconduct, or unbecoming behavior. This includes a process for documenting a complaint, assigning the investigation, notifying the complainant of the complaints status, to holding employees accountable for their actions.

Attached is a link to our Complaint Form. It can be completed and returned to the Department for review. If you have any questions about the process, or need assistance in completing the form, you may contact the Police Department by calling 269-781-2596 and ask to speak to the Command Staff.

Citizen Complaint / Commendation Form (PDF)


Chief Josh Lankerd
Marshall Police Department