How do I learn more about the Joint Planning Commission (JPC)?

The Joint Planning Commission consists of an equal number of City and Township members. Their duties are to make decisions on all land use for properties subject to a 425 Agreement between the City and Township. The JPC mirrors the Planning Commission in the way it hands down recommendations for rezonings and special land uses and approves site plans. The cooperation with Marshall Township and the City gives this area a uniqueness not found in many other communities.

The Joint Planning Commission (City of Marshall and Township of Marshall) will meet at 7 pm at 

Marshall City Hall
323 W Michigan Avenue
Marshall, MI 49068

In the year 2023 on the 2nd Tuesday of the month on an as needed basis.

If the Joint Planning Commission has no business, the meetings will be cancelled. If business is required of the Joint Planning Commission between their regularly scheduled meetings, a special meeting will be scheduled.

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