How do I apply to be a vendor at the market?

You may apply to be a vendor by downloading the three forms in the application process: The Application (PDF), Vendor Guidelines (PDF), and Fees (PDF) are available for download.

The completed application form is to be returned along with copies of the licenses, certificates or other applicable documentation which applies to the items/products you hope to sell. Resources are provided in the packet information. Failure to provide the information may delay approval. If your timeline for starting is limited you may also attach payment for fees. If your application is denied the payment will be returned. Those electing to be Daily Vendors who are new to the Market must include the $20 one-time fee with the application.

Individuals seeking to participate as an artisan must also submit their goods to a juried review by the Advisory Board. Priority is given to products handcrafted by the vendor from natural, native, items found in Michigan.

The Market Manager will notify you of the results of your application and the due date for fees upon approval.

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1. How do I apply to be a vendor at the market?