Industrial Road Watermain Replacement

Project mapRed line over industrial road project area

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The City will be replacing watermain on S Kalamazoo Avenue from the railroad tracks to Industrial Road and along Industrial Road from Dobbins Street to S Kalamazoo Avenue. The work in S Kalamazoo Avenue will require a street closure on S Kalamazoo from Industrial road to the railroad tracks for approximately 3 weeks. The Industrial Road watermain will require street closures as well, but the closure will be split into 3 segments with the first closure being from N Mulberry to S Kalamazoo Street. 


TaskCompletion Date
EngineeringJanuary 2022
BiddingMarch 2022
Construction - MobilizeMay 22, 2023
Construction - S Kalamazoo ClosedMay 30 - June 19, 2023
Construction - Industrial Road Closed  from Mulberry St to S Kalamazoo AveJune 12 - July 9, 2023
Construction -  Industrial Road Closed from S Linden St to Mulberry StCOMPLETE
Construction -  Industrial Road Closed from Dobbins St to 820 Industrial RoadCOMPLETE
Substantial CompletionTBD
Project CloseoutTBD


The City of Marshall Water Department is funding this project through the 2022 Revenue Bond sale. The project budget is approximately $600,000 and is fully funded by the Water Department. 

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