September 27, 2021

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general stuff

Board/Committee Application ~163 KB
Brooks Nature Park Map ~9354 KB
I U Survey ~115 KB
Zoning Ordinance ~14219 KB
2011.01 Sidewalk Replacement Bid Tab ~78 KB
2011.04 Rehabiliation of N. Sycamore Street - Bid Tab ~90 KB
2012 - 2017 Parks and Recreation Master Plan ~26925 KB
2013 Local Road Rehabilitation Bid Tab ~20 KB
2013 Road Report ~321 KB
2014 Annual Report ~3556 KB
2014 Public Works APWA Award ~11171 KB
2014 Road Report ~335 KB
2015 Master Plan ~13571 KB
2019 City Visioning, Goals, & Objectives ~316 KB
2020-2024 Draft Parks and Recreation Master Plan ~2952 KB

City of Marshall Parks and Recreation Master Plan to be approved by City Council

835 W. Michigan Ave. ~539 KB
Addendum #1 - Parking Structure Lighting ~28 KB
Article on Infill ~115 KB
Article on Takings ~128 KB
Article on spot zoning ~49 KB
Article: The High Cost of Density ~1298 KB
Bid Notice - Parking Structure Lighting ~958 KB
Boil Water Advisory ~75 KB
Brooks Field's 84th Anniversary Fly & Drive-In ~280 KB
Brooks Nature Area Observation Deck Bid Tab ~28 KB
Brooks Nature Area pdf ~558 KB
Building Permit Fees as of 2/6/2018 ~55 KB
New permit fees 2018
Business Incentives ~694 KB
Cash Benefit Anaysis for the Proposed Fiber to the Premises Project ~13377 KB
Chapter 121-Commercial Marihuana Ordinance ~921 KB
Chapter 92: Health and Sanitation: Nuisance Ordinance ~83 KB
Churches and zoning article ~279 KB
City Charter ~435 KB

City of Marshall Charter - Revised November 8, 2016.

City Council Meeting Guidelines ~84 KB

This document is meant to give our citizens a general guideline on proper conduct at a City Council meeting

City of Marshall Grease Policy ~78 KB
City of Marshall Mission Statement ~72 KB
City of Marshall Precinct map ~275 KB
City of Marshall Ward Map ~268 KB
Classes of Fire ~134 KB

Details regarding a universal system to describe different types of fires. 

Climatic and Geographic Design Criteria ~64 KB
Code for Sale of Merchandise in Right of Way ~2609 KB
Commercial Building Permit ~125 KB
Community Engagement Statement ~898 KB

This document outlines the ways the City of Marshall will continue to involve the entire community as “key stakeholders” in the future development of our City.  

Conflicts of Interest Policy ~64 KB
Contact for Complaints Regarding Manufactured Homes ~45 KB
Council Rules of Procedure adopted December 7, 2020 ~134 KB
Culvert bid tab ~63 KB
DART Holiday Closings 2020 ~62 KB
Dart Public Notice 2018 Funding ~92 KB
Demolition Specifications ~65 KB
Diagrams for Brick Flashing ~439 KB
Division Street Improvements Bid tab ~13 KB
Downed Powerlines ~134 KB
Downspouts ~205 KB
Downtown Survey Tabulation ~1073 KB
Earth Work Specifications ~97 KB
Economic Development Strategic Plan ~481 KB
Egress Windows ~100 KB
Excerpt from "Building Radon Out:Building Radon Resistant Homes" ~158 KB
FY 2012 Recreation Department Annual Report ~272 KB
Farmer's Market Committee Findings ~3580 KB

The Farmer's Martket Committee presentation to Council on July 21, 2014.


Fat's Oils & Grease ~266 KB
February 1, 2021 - Water & Sewer Rates ~141 KB
Fiscal Year 2013 Unfunded Supplemental Information ~124 KB
Freedom of Information Act (Act 442 of 1976) ~4147 KB

The public's right to access certain public records is protected under the Freedom Information Act. 

Freedom of Information Request Form ~185 KB
General Guidelines-Michigan Open Meetings Act ~88 KB

The following document is a general guideline of the Michigan Open Meetings Act (Public Act 267 of 1976). This document does not contain all aspects of the Michigan Open Meetings Act. 

Go to the state of Michigan web site ( to download the Act in its entirety.


General Provisions ~106 KB
Glazing Requirements ~81 KB
Hanger and Apron Policy ~228 KB
Helpful Hints for Approaching the Planning Commission ~105 KB
House Rules ~419 KB
How Your Rent is Determined ~305 KB
IFT Application-Affidavit of fees ~52 KB
Information about Market's 4 discount programs for low income individuals ~2134 KB

 This document explains the requirements for the 4 discount programs the market provides including the specific foods that can be purchased with program tokens or coupons, signage the vendor must post, and the agencies that provide the programs.

Kalamazoo River TMDL ~63 KB
Kalamazoo River Watershed Phosphorus Reduction Report ~483 KB
Ketchum Park Improvements Bid Tab ~6 KB
Ketchum Park Kid's Kingdom Bath House ~327 KB
Lawn Chemicals ~136 KB
Lawsuits and Church Zoning ~108 KB
Lighting Compliance Form ~1067 KB
MDOT Construction Permit Fee Schedule ~1441 KB
Manufactured Home Articles ~154 KB
Marshall Area Focus Report ~367 KB
Marshall City Charter Index ~64 KB
Marshall House Apartments Mission Statement ~62 KB
Marshall House Application ~6897 KB
Marshall House Bed Bug Policy ~226 KB
Marshall House Complaints & Grievance Procedures ~214 KB
Marshall House Fire Safety Rules ~114 KB
Marshall House Harassment and Anti-Bullying Policy ~276 KB
Marshall House Housekeeping Standards ~114 KB
Marshall House Medical Marijuana Policy ~175 KB
Marshall House No Smoking Policy ~55 KB
Marshall House Pet Policy ~286 KB
Marshall House Rent Collection Policy ~65 KB
Marshall House Security Policy ~107 KB
Marshall House Smoke Detector Policy ~9 KB
Marshall House Snow Removal Policy ~85 KB
Marshall House Unit Transfer Policy ~231 KB
Marshall House Use Restrictions ~65 KB
Marshall House Violence Against Womens Act Policy ~137 KB
Marshall Hydroelectric Project Disposition Study ~4527 KB

Analysis of Concepts for Repair or Removal of Marshall Perrin Dam

Marshall's Historic Landmark District Registration Forms ~3075 KB
Master Plan Update 2015 Appendix-Draft ~2589 KB
Master Plan Update 2015-Draft ~6431 KB
Master Plan for the City of Marshall ~31534 KB
Michigan Planning Enabling Act 2008 ~192 KB
Michigan Zoning and Enabling Act 2006 ~240 KB
North Drive and Pierce Drive Rehabilitation Bid Tab ~5 KB
Notice of Occupancy Rights under the Violence Against Women Act ~193 KB
Oakridge Cemetery Fees ~76 KB
October Crier ~147 KB
Overband Crack Fill Specifications ~75 KB
Parking Lot Numbers ~257 KB
Pavements Specifications ~62 KB
Pet Waste ~72 KB
Public Act 222 of 2001 ~43 KB

Public act dealing with sewer backups

Public Act 51 - 18j Annual Certification ~41 KB
REVISED - Conflict of Interest Policy ~64 KB
RLUIPA cases ~110 KB

 Religious Land Use and Institutionialized Persons Act 

RRC Best Practices ~1305 KB
RRC Market Sheet ~343 KB
RRC Report of Findings ~3515 KB
Rain Barrel ~264 KB
Rental Rehab 121 1/2 W. Michigan Ave. ~773 KB
Resident Rights and Responsibilities ~274 KB
River District Map ~162 KB
Sanitary Sewers Specification ~57 KB
Schedule of Regulations ~187 KB
Sidewalk Clearance Image ~79 KB
Social Security Number Privacy Policy & Procedure ~100 KB

The City of Marshall takes very serioursly the confidentiality of social security numbers used in its normal course of business. The City adopted this policy to conform with the state of Michigan Social Security Privacy Act (Act 454 of Public Acts of 2004) 

Solid Waste Garbage Option and Opt Out form ~144 KB
Special Conditions for Sidewalk Cafe Permits and for Display/Sale Merchandise (MDOT form) ~1342 KB
Storm Drain Stewardship ~155 KB
Storm Sewer Improvements bid tab ~84 KB
Storm Sewer Specification ~81 KB
Tenant Selection Plan ~948 KB
Title VI Notice - 2015 ~181 KB
Traffic Impact Analysis Guidelines ~251 KB
Transportation Employee Wage ~34 KB
Utility Rates effective 7/1/21 ~1013 KB

Utility Rules and Regulations

VAWA Certification ~149 KB
Vendor Responsibilities for Supplemental Programs ~277 KB

 A documenet which summarizes the responsibilities a vendor must meet if they are approved for the Supplemental Programs (4) for discounts for low inclome individuals. 

Wash your car the right way ~102 KB
Water Main Specifications ~47 KB
Water Meter Change-Out Project ~79 KB
The City of Marshall will be changing out all residential, commercial and industrial meters starting in January 2021.
Water Quality Report 2019 ~211 KB

For those wishing to receive a paper copy of the report please call 269-781-2210 or email

Water Quality Report 2020 ~215 KB
For those wishing to receive a paper copy of the report please call 269-781-2210 or email
Water Quality Report 2021 ~216 KB

 For those wishing to receive a paper copy of the report, please call the Water Dept. at 269-781-2210 or email the Water Superintendent at

Wellhead Protection Program ~112 KB
zba 15.07 ~6 KB
zba 15.08 ~6 KB
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