September 22, 2017

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Planning & Zoning

2015 Planning & Zoning Applications

Pre-Application and Conceptual Plans

Applicants are welcome to contact the Planning & Zoning Department for a personalized pre-application meeting with staff to minimize time, costs and for interpretation of City ordinances, prior to submitting site plans for a formal review. 

Applicants are also welcome to request that a conceptual site plan be placed on a regular Planning Commission meeting agenda as a discussion item for review and comment.  The conceptual plan should have sufficient detail including relationship to neighboring land, landscaping, open space, access, parking and other facilities.

Comments and suggestions offered by staff or the Planning Commission do not constitute approval or disapproval.  Neither the applicant, nor the City, is bound in any way by comments or suggestions in preparing for formal submittal or review of a site plan.

To schedule, contact Jae Slaby by email or phone at: 269.558.0325


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