October 19, 2017

Building / Trades Permits


The Department of Building Safety enforces the Michigan Building Codes as adopted by the State of Michigan as they pertain to all construction and alterations projects within the City. This department also enforces compliance with all local ordinances to ensure health, safety and welfare such as property maintenance complaints.

The City of Marshall has a full time building official/inspector and has subcontracted inspectors to complete inspections for plumbing, mechanical and electrical permits.  City inspectors are:  

  • Tim Musser, Building Official/Inspector/Plan Reviewer
  • Jeffrey Nichols, Electrical Inspector
  • Jim Deveney, Residential Mechanical Inspector
  • John Gross, Commercial/Residential Plumbing and Commercial Mechanical Inspection

To schedule a Building, Electrical, Plumbing, or Mechanical Inspections, please call Tim Musser at:  (269)781.3985 ext 1507 or Colleen Webb at (269) 781-3985 ext. 1501