October 24, 2014

Engineering/Public Services

The Engineering Department is focused on design, engineering and inspection of current and future construction projects. The Department is committed to the design, contract administration and construction management for all public improvements including water main, sanitary sewer, storm sewer and street paving. The duties in the design phase of a project include developing a plan, preparing drawings and writing detailed specifications. The contract administration phase consists of putting together bid documents that contain a contract, project estimate, set of plans and project specifications. The construction phase consists of necessary surveying, field inspection, gathering quantities, preparing pay estimates, and sending project notifications. At the end of a project, final as-built plans are prepared by the engineer and archived. The Engineering Department contracts and oversees consultants and builders preparing plans for public improvements for the City in the right-of-way. All proposed developments with public improvements are reviewed to ensure they are designed to City specifications. All water and wastewater permits are submitted to the Engineering Department for review and verification of system capacity then submitted to MDNRE for permitting. Inspections and tests are performed to verify projects are built to the designed specification. Information on existing and proposed City owned utilities and streets is provided by the Engineering Department to surveyors, engineers, prospective developers, builders and residents. The Department maintains all available construction drawings and information regarding City owned utilities. Information provided to a developer includes but is not limited to size, location and availability of existing utilities. Common information provided to residents is a description of the proposed work, schedules of construction projects and possible disruption of services. The City’s GIS system is maintained and updated by the Engineering Department. Updates to the system may include recording parcel divisions and combinations for the assessing department, changing topographic information, importing current assessing data, updating utility layers, specifying software for the GIS system and all GIS requests by other City departments.