March 27, 2015

Building Safety

Common Solutions


Fence Permit ~100 KB

Use this permit when installing a new fence or replacing an old fence. 

Water and Sewer Permit ~58 KB

This is a plumbing permit used for water and sewer connection.

Sign Permit ~89 KB

Use this permit when posting any and all signage, replacement or new.  Please include a picture, including dimension and placement, of the sign.

Deck, Handrail, and Stairway Requirements ~301 KB
Building Permit ~288 KB

Use this permit for any new building, remodeling, roofs, garages or decks

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The Department of Building Safety enforces the Michigan Building Codes as adopted by the State of Michigan as they pertain to all construction and alterations projects within the City. This department also enforces compliance with all local ordinances to ensure health, safety and welfare such as property maintenance complaints. The City of Marshall  has subcontracted inspectors for building, plumbing, mechanical and electrical permits.  On March 9, 2011 the 2009 Michigan Building Codes will be in effect.

City inspectors are:  

  • Frank Ballard, Building Official/Inspector
  • Daryl Gano, Electrical Inspector
  • Jim Deveney, Residential Mechanical Inspector
  • John Gross, Commercial/Residential Plumbing and Mechanical Inspection

To schedule a Building, Electrical, Plumbing, or Mechanical Inspection, please call Lisa Huepenbecker at:  (269)781.3985 ext 1501

 NOTE TO APPLICANTS:   Please keep in mind that fences and signs require their own permits and are not covered under the building permit.