May 26, 2016

City Clerk


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Peddler & Solicitor Permit ~165 KB

All Peddlers & Solicitors need to register with the City Clerk; even if exempt from fees.   A Peddler is someone that travels and may enter upon residential property.

Freedom of Information Act (Act 442 of 1976) ~4147 KB

The public's right to access certain public records is protected under the Freedom Information Act. 

Temporary Business Permit ~456 KB

 Use this permit for any profession, trade, occupation , shop, store and any other kind of calling carried on in a building that is not subject to Marshall City taxes on the subject lot or business.

2016 Boards/Commissions Listing ~35 KB
Social Security Number Privacy Policy & Procedure ~100 KB

The City of Marshall takes very serioursly the confidentiality of social security numbers used in its normal course of business. The City adopted this policy to conform with the state of Michigan Social Security Privacy Act (Act 454 of Public Acts of 2004) 

01.04.10 Work Session Minutes ~33 KB

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The Clerk’s office participates in almost every aspect of communications for and by the City. This includes Council minutes, notice for Council public hearings and other various boards, administering oaths, ordinance review and/or printing, codification and notification to proper officials of the expiration of any official bonds, contracts or agreements, liability claims and Freedom of Information requests. The Clerk also acts as custodian of all official papers, documents and records pertaining to the City of Marshall.  In addition, it is also the duty of the City Clerk to administer elections and voter registration in accordance with State and Federal law.

NEXT CITY ELECTION:  Tuesday, August 2, 2016 - Primary Election